Live Stream Yoga – Online Yoga From Home

Join us on Zoom, Facebook or Instagram for Live Yoga from home.

Livestream yoga from the comfort of your own home

Join me for a variety of classes through the magic of Zoom, Facebook or Instagram Live. All you need to do is find a quiet space for you and your mat, and log in on your phone, tablet or laptop. My classes are streamed either from my beautiful little home studio, or from the Yoga Lounge, and you will be able to follow me just like a regular class, except on your screen!

Initially, I was unsure how yoga would work online, but so many of my students really enjoy the ease of practicing at home. No issues with travelling to a studio or worrying about childcare. Plus, you can join me from wherever you are in the world! (Time zones permitting!) I still love my studio classes, but this just allows yoga to be accessible to so many more people who may not otherwise be able to make it to a class. Oh and if you have pets, they tend to join in which is always fun!

Please send me a message if you would like to book in, and I will send you the information needed. You can choose whether or not to share your screen with me. As with all my classes, there are plenty of options to ensure they are suitable for everyone. If you’re new to Yoga, why not message me to arrange a one-to-one to get you started.

These classes are now on a pop-up basis.
Please follow Wild Heart Yoga & Wellbeing on Facebook/Instagram for the latest times.

We also have a wonderful, growing Facebook community group, where I will be sharing mini classes, breathwork practices and mediations. Please message me for more information.

Livestream Yoga, Online Yoga Classes

Livestream Yoga – Yoga from home via Zoom

Hatha Flow Yoga
A traditional yoga class, focusing on the therapeutic benefits of yoga for body & mind. Including aspects of meditation and pranayama (breath work) balanced with a playful flow of poses. Both calming and uplifting.

Yoga for Fitness Fanatics
Deep stretches and mobility for athletes. Working on those tight areas, because we all forget to stretch after a workout sometimes! Ideal if you run, cycle, or lift weights regularly, but also suitable if you just fancy a deeper stretch.

Bedtime Yoga
Gentle Restorative & Meditation. A slower class that allows plenty of time to settle into poses, with the use of blankets and cushions for support, followed by a guided Yoga Nidra meditation. Wear your Pjs, trust me!

Delivered via Zoom, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live. Please check our facebook or contact me for details.

How do I Book?

Book direct with Nicky by following the link below.

Private 121 Yoga Sessions

Private one-to-one Yoga Classes

I also offer private one-to-one sessions, or small group sessions. Ideal if you’re new to yoga and would like to spend some time building confidence in the practice before joining a class. Or maybe you’re an experienced yogi looking to deepen your practice and focus on alignment in a personalised class. Also, this could be a great option for you if you struggle to make the typical studio schedules.

Contact me to arrange studio sessions, online sessions available if preferred.

How do I Book?

Book direct with Nicky by following the link below or messaging me via Facebook.