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Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky
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What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a fun and playful way to deepen your Yoga practice and safely explore inversions. Perfectly complementing other styles of Yoga, Aerial Yoga offers lightness for mind, body & soul. Classes are based around traditional Yoga postures, using the fabric to help support your body weight. (Think of it as a gorgeous silky Yoga prop!) This allows for a greater range of movement and also the magic of zero compression inversions, giving a unique feeling of weightlessness and allowing the deepest release for your spine. It is very much still a Yoga practice, with elements of breathwork and meditation too. There are also lots of creative flips & tricks to play with as you build your confidence so you can truly embrace your inner child. Expect plenty of giggles & joyfulness and a newfound love for being upside down! 

I share a variety of classes each week, from beginners to more advanced, as well as a Children’s class (Ages 10-15yrs). There are options for more restorative, gentle classes, with the fabric closer to the ground, as well as more dynamic, energetic practices. I also hold regular workshops and special events, as well as dreamy retreats.

Aerial Yoga is suitable for all abilities, from complete beginners to experienced Yogis and no previous circus skills are needed!

Zero compression inversions

One of my favourite things about Aerial Yoga is the inversions. There are so many benefits to inversions, from promoting circulation and the lymphatic system (therefore boosting the immune system) to improving brain function and lung function, and also giving our internal organs a lovely little massage. With Aerial, the bodyweight is supported by the hammock, which allows the spine to totally decompress. The spinal discs get a chance to rehydrate, and we actually come out a little taller! This can help our posture, and any pain we might be getting in our backs. Studies have also shown that spending a bit of time hanging upside down actually has a mood-boosting effect too, with a lovely release of serotonin. Plus, there’s something about this practice that always makes you giggle… So Aerial can make you feel better in many different ways!

Private Aerial Yoga Classes

Don’t feel quite ready to join a class just yet? I offer one-to-one and small private group classes to get you started. Please feel free to connect with me to find out more. This offering is also available for private parties, so if you’re looking to celebrate in a unique way, please see our Hen Parties & Celebrations page.

How do I book?

For weekly classes, please visit the Timetable & Bookings page by following the link below. Please also see our Retreats page for any upcoming events and workshops.

(Please note, there are a few contraindications to this practice, so if you do have any injuries, niggles or medical issues, please do get in touch beforehand)

Beginner Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky
Advanced Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky
Aerial Yoga Classes with Nicky